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WDB4/2---Vern Schuppan's 1971 Yellow Pages Formula Atlantic Championship Winning Car

WDB4/2's current owner, Ian Hebblethwaite of South Africa, writes that WDB4/2 was first run in March, 1971 after Vern's first car,  WDB4/1, was sold to the Far East. WDB4/2 ran with both a Lotus Twincam built by BRM and, later in the season, with a Cosworth BDD. After winning the championship the WDB4/2 was sold to Davie Hanford of Kitwe, Zambia, then to Fred Goddard of Zimbabwe in 1975. Ronnie Watt, also of Zimbabwe, was the next owner of WDB4/2 before Ian took possession of it. As you can see from the photos below, Ian has taken on a full restoration of WDB4/2 & will be driving it in vintage events.

WDB4/2 is really the "gold standard" for Pallier-Winkelmanns because of its
success with Vern Schuppan. Here's wishing similar success to Ian!


Schuppan in WDB4/2 at Brands Hatch in 1971

In Zambia

During Restoration

Finished Product