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The Story of WDB2/6

The car (chassis # WD-B-2/6) was originally purchased by Phil Reilly from Bob Winkelmann in 1969. Jon Woodner entered the scene shortly after its purchase & suggested he drive it & Joe Huffaker would provide the motors. The goal was to run the Xcar (the car was originally called the Brand 'X' Car, but later shortened to Xcar) in the SCCA’s very popular professional Formula Continental Series. A deal was struck. The car was modified in a number of areas---chassis, uprights, pedal assembly, front suspension & fuel system were all changed. Additionally  side pods were added & the nose revised. The car ran with the ubiquitous Lotus Twin Cam Ford & a Hewland FT200. It was run in a few club races (1970) & in some Continental races in 1971 with limited success. In late 1971 the car was sold to another Huffaker employee who campaigned the car in SCCA amateur races & one pro race. The car then exchanged hands multiple times with increasing levels of neglect, to the point where it was hanging from the rafters of a barn in Humboldt county.

Xcar professional debut at the Formula Continental Race at Kent, Washington in 1971

                            1971 Early lap crash at the Continental Race at Edmonton

                                        What a debris looks like The Marne

                                  Two races into the series & already a wreck

                                The Xcar at Sears Point 1972 with the later nose

                                                                      As found in 2007

                                        Frame straightened & reassembly begins

                      All work was done under the watchful of of QC inspectors.

                                                                Suspension added

                                                                     New Sidepods

                                                            Almost ready for an engine

                                                                         Body fitted