Palliser-Winkelmann Cars

I've tried to give a representative example of each model as they would have been back in the day---for example, I tried not to use a photo of a WDF3 with a WDF4 nose & WDF2 side pods! Be sure to click on the links to each model's specsheet for more details.

Formula Fords:


Mike Henry's WDF1-16 #20 (now owned by Bob Darcey) next to Renny Watt's WDF1

Click on this link to see a WDF1 Specsheet


Chris Ronson's WDF2-4

Click on this link to see a WDF2 Specsheet


Click on this link to see a WDF3 Specsheet


Click on this link to see a WDF4 Specsheet

Formula B/Formula Atlantic Cars


Bob Winkelmann in his WDB1 at Sears Point

Mancillas' WDB1-03


Darrell LeBlanc WDB2-8 "long nose"

WDB2-4 with the short nose

Unkown WDB2 with the "Sharknose". Can anybody identify the owner or chassis?


Fortin WDB4-5

Fortin WDB4

Two Shots of Vern Schuppan's WDB4 1971 British Formula Atlantic Champion WDB4

Schuppan in third place at Brands Hatch in 1971

Click on this link to see a WDB4 specsheet


Gareth Walters F3 WD3/2-2 Winkelmann WD3/2

Formula Super Vee WDV1

Click on this link to see a WDV1 Specsheet

Formula 5000

The one & only Palliser WDA-1 (nee Franklen) F5000 Car. Photo Courtesy of owner Matt Veal.

And here's a profile from a November 11, 1970 article in Autosport (click on the image for a larger view):