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I've decided to expand the content on this page because the classified-only concept didn't generate much interest. The new page will still contain classifieds as they come up, but will also include articles, notices & whatever the members want to provide.

If you have a car or an item to sell (preferably relating to Winkelmanns, or at least relating to vintage formula cars), please contact me (ldebretteville@gmail.com) & I will handle the posting. Be sure to include a thorough description, photos, price & contact email or phone number. I'll keep the ad posted for at least 3 months. If you sell the item, please let me know ASAP. There is no charge for advertising.

For Your Reading Enjoyment:

Some old articles (yes, in rather poor condition, but legible) from back in the day:

Palliser/Winkelmann Articles

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Arch Motors & Specialized Mouldings: Arch

I figured the following issue is important enough to warrant posting on both the Home Page & here.

To WDB2 Owners & possibly WDB1 Owners

Front Brake Caliper Mounting Brackets: If you still have the original brackets on your car, take a good look at them. On the two cars we have, both brackets had cracks running near the caliper mounting holes. This probably doesn't apply to WDB3s or WDB4s since they use a different upright, but check your brackets as a matter of course. If you are interested, I have drawings for a replacement bracket (shown in the next set of photos)  that is stronger & more aesthetically pleasing, however I do not sell the brackets. The problem can be seen in the following photos:

New, Revised Caliper Bracket: