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Andy Jarvis' 1969 Palliser WDB2

Title Winning Works Car


HSCC Classic Racing Cars 2016 Overall Title Winner

(The first Palliser to win a title since Vern Schuppan won the 1971 Formula Atlantic Championship)

  • 7 Overall wins, 3 Poles and 6 lap records this year alone.
  • HSCC Classic Racing Cars 2014 Formula Class B Winner
  • Historic Formula 2 Class Winner in the 2000s with Chris Alford and Amanda Whittaker
  • This is the 1969 Works and Press Car Chassis no. 2 (No. 1 was written off during testing). Driven by Hugh Dibley, Palliser founder, amongst others. The car is currently running in Formula Atlantic spec with slicks and wings but comes with the full formula B bodywork.
  • Specification:
  • Lotus Twincam built with all new parts By Gerry Wainwright Motorsport in 2015
  • Hewland FT200 rebuilt completely by Racing Transmissions in 2015
  • Koni Double adjustable shockers supplied new by Tony Thompson Motorsport in 2015
  • Brabham BT28 magnesium front uprights (as used by this car in period so FIA eligible)
  • Palliser magnesium rear uprights
  • Girling brakes system rebuilt in 2010
  • Hubs and suspension rebuilt in 2010
  • Car is available in following specifications:
  • Formula B Spec with Lotus Twincam and Hewland mk8 5 speed With LSD £59,999.00
  • Formula Atlantic spec with Lotus Twincam and Hewland FT200 5 speed with LSD £64,999.00
  • Formula 2 Spec (less Twincam but with FT200) by negotiation
  • Any other set up by negotiation.
  • Old FIA and HSCC papers and a large history file tracing the cars history back.
  • New HSCC papers available on request.

This is an extremely competitive car with an amazing history capable of beating all cars of its era and winning again in 2017.

Enquiries to:
Phone 07894 402246

I figured the following issue is important enough to warrant posting on both the Home Page & here.

To WDB2 Owners & possibly WDB1 Owners

Front Brake Caliper Mounting Brackets: If you still have the original brackets on your car, take a good look at them. On the two cars we have, both brackets had cracks running near the caliper mounting holes. This probably doesn't apply to WDB3s or WDB4s since they use a different upright, but check your brackets as a matter of course. If you are interested, I have drawings for a replacement bracket (shown in the next set of photos)  that is stronger & more aesthetically pleasing, however I do not sell the brackets. The problem can be seen in the following photos:

New, Revised Caliper Bracket: