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Welcome to the Palliser-Winkelmann Registry website. I relish the opportunity to talk about something special to me, as well as acknowledge in particular the people who made it possible: Bob Winkelmann, Hugh Dibley, Len Wimhurst et al.


Winkelmann Rear Uprights

DB2 owner, Andy Jarvis, has arranged to have some Winkelmann rear uprights cast & is looking for people who want to participate in the buy. Andy will be the point man on the project & he can provide them as castings or as finished, machined parts. Shipping would be FOB Great Britain. Some of you have already contacted him, so this message is intended as a means to round up the few remaining who haven't ordered any. Bear in mind that Andy is doing this out of the kindness of his heart. He makes no money on the deal. If you are interested, please contact Andy at:

Championship Winner for Sale

1969 Palliser WDB2 Title Winning Works Car

HSCC Classic Racing Cars 2016 Overall Title Winner

This is the car that Andy Jarvis has competed in over the last few years. He narrowly lost the title in 2015 but put things right in 2016.

Click Here for details: Jarvis WDB2

How about an old Winkelmann Ad?

The price certainly looks good.....

   (even if they misspelled Bob's name...)

Lamplough-to-Ken Everden WDF2

A few days ago I received just the kind of email that makes this job fun. A Mr. Ken Everden emailed to say that said he had purchased a Palliser WDF2 from Peter White/John Sheldon  & raced it in 72/73 in the UK . He was confident that it was an ex-Lamplough car, either Robs or Peter. I thought it more likely to have been owned by Peter, a well known Palliser driver at the time, while I don't know if Robs ever raced a Palliser until recently.

Ken later raced an ex-Stephen South works Ray 73F--sort of a descendent of the Palliser, though Ken was quick to add not near as forgiving as the WDF2.

Ken very kindly allowed me to post some photos of him back in the day. He was quick to mention that he tore off a few noses. I see two versions in the photos below. The first is from Snetterton (is that a front row start?) & the other three are from Brands.

WDF2-27, A Very Unusual Wink

I recently purchased the following car from Art Hebert in San Rafael with the intention of using it as a donor car. It turns out that the chassis damage isn't that bad, plus it's a chassis that wasn't in the Registry. However, most importantly, it turned out to be the ex-Tom Crowther car that finished fourth at the SCCA Runoffs in 1972. Tom was a Winkelmann employee before moving to Huffaker Engineering where we both worked in the mid to late '70s. The car started life as a stock WDF2, but Tom changed it from a front radiator to side radiators, added a WDV1 SuperVee nose, front, upper trailing links, inboard rear brakes & left foot braking. He received Schick sponsorsip at Atlanta & none other than Bob Winkelmann said he could have won. No mean feat..

Crowther in WDF2-27 (before mods) leading (I think) Tom Gloy, also in a WDF2 at Laguna

Crowther at Atlanta

In the Atlanta pits

WDF2-27 Bare Chassis

WDF2-27 Pedal Assembly with Left Foot Braking

2015 Winkelmann-Titan Reunion

(Click on the photo to enlarge)

(Click here to see more Reunion photos)

The event was nothing less than superb. Ethan Shippert won in a Titan Mk. 6, but we had a Winkelmann WDF1 on the podium in third place driven by relative newcomer, Eric Sidebotham. Thanks should go to all, Bob Winkelmann, engine builder & ex-Winkelmann employee, Paul Hasselgren, ex-Winkelmann drivers Bob Blackwood & Tom Gloy & all their counterparts on the Titan side for attending. Andy Antipas, who runs the Titan Registry ( really pulled off a great event. Thanks to Andy!

Experience the Glory Days of the Reunion wit a Special Commemorative T-Shirt!!

or, another way to put it:

I have a few more of the commemorative t-shirts that I would like to sell. Sorry, but I only have XL & Double XL left. If you would like one, they are $20 ea., including shipping to anywhere in the continental U.S. Please send me an email ( & we can figure out the means of payment (PayPal, check,,,)

(Click on Photos for a Larger View)

Winkelmann Wins from @1970

Have a look at some of the names---Vern Schuppan of F1 & Endurance fame, Carson Baird from IMSA , Peter Lamplough, brother of Robs, who is a super driver in his own right as well as an excellent pilot & currently owns & races three Winkelmanns & Bob Blackwood a superb FF driver & P51 pilot.

Do You Know This Gentleman?

If you own a Palliser Winkelmann, follow racing, or know your history, you should:

Hugh Palliser Dibley

Hugh in a T70in the Lavant Cup at Goodwood in 1964

Hugh Palliser Dibley, a descendant of Lord Commissioner of the Admiralty, Hugh Palliser, was a successful sports car driver of the 60s & 70s, while also being a pilot for BOAC. There's insufficient space here to list all of his accomplishments, but I would note that he drove some serious sports racing machinery. He drove Brabham BT8s & Lola T70s for Stirling Moss Racing, Lola T70 Mk. III coupes, Porsche 904s and the Howmet Turbine at every track of significance during that period--LeMans, , Monza, Daytona, Sebring, etc. Also, he drove Lolas in the USRRC & CanAm Series. In fact, I remember seeing him drive at the Laguna Seca & Riverside CanAms in 1966. To say he was a damned good driver of sports racers would be an understatement.

As indicated in the introductory paragraph, Hugh was the driving force behind the creation of the cars we drive. In fact, he drove the first one built, the WDB1. Click on the "History" tab at the top of this page to get some of the details Bob Winkelmann has provided.

Like Bob Winkelmann, Hugh is always willing to talk about the cars he created & indulge me in any questions I might have. To put up with anoraks like me takes great patience & the character of a gentleman, which both Bob & Hugh are.

The above action photo shows Hugh, but I get a kick out of the other photo because it captures Hugh's sense of humor & goodwill. A mutual good friend took it to remind me of my absence, as you can see by the sign Hugh is holding. I'm not positive, but I think the photo was taken at the BRDC during the 2013 British GP.

Hugh: Thank you for the cars you built and the entertainment you provided to all racing enthusiasts.

To WDB2 Owners & possibly WDB1 Owners

Front Brake Caliper Mounting Brackets: If you still have the original brackets on your car, take a good look at them. On the two cars we have, both brackets had cracks running near the caliper mounting holes. This probably doesn't apply to WDB3s or WDB4s since they use a different upright, but check your brackets as a matter of course. If you are interested,
I have drawings for a replacement bracket (shown in the next set of photos)  that is stronger & more aesthetically pleasing. The problem can be seen in the following photos:


And here are the revised mounts:

Some Winkelmann-related videos for your viewing. Click on the link:

First Practice at Thunderhill in a WDB2

Being tossed upside-down at Kent, Washington

Andy Newhall in a WDF2 at Phillips Island in 2009:

Video 1

Video 2

Video 3

Locke de B.

April, 2013

PS: I would ask (actually I'm begging) you to please contact me ( with any information about your cars, restoration projects, photos, etc. New content is always welcome. You can write about anything you chose, provided it centers on cars & doesn’t push the boundaries of literary taste too far. I appreciate any & all feedback. Lastly, the classifieds have a few items, but I would like more. If you have a car, parts or whatever, let me know & I will list it for you. It’s free, so why not?

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